Thursday, April 22, 2010

wk 31

it's week 31 and half. This has been an exhausting week due to travels for work, and it may have been the last time I travel before labor and delivery time. Before I left for Wisconsin Christy was worried that her frequent contractions was not a good sign. I urged her to stay relaxed and be rigorous about taking Motrin to ease off the contractions. Luckily it worked, the twins were good to us this time.

My clients in Wisconsin has been enjoying stories that I bring to them every time, and they even help me come up with suggestions for names. great group of folks! Sitting in the hotel room on Tuesday night, I opened up my outlook and saw Christy trying to pin me down to ramp up on C-section knowledge, then I spent the rest of the night reading and watching the following links.

Giving birth by cesarean section

Birth surprises: 15 things moms didn't expect

Live birth video 
These are especially helpful to watch, making me realize what amazing tasks human bodies are built to endure.

Recovering from a cesarean delivery

With c-section, stitches may be best

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