Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stepping into my old man's shoes

At the time of this entry, my dad is on his final country-wide motorbike tour with all his retired military comrades, this will mark the official beginning of retirement for him. 2010 is a good year for my dad, for one thing all his children are now married, and he finally gets to come to the States and reunite with my mom after 12 years of being apart from each other (My parents really sacrificed themselves only to give us better opportunities in life). As the D-day approaches, I often think about how I would do, what I would say, where I would be in those important moments of my children's lives, and I can't help to reflect and think about my dad.  When my parents had me, my dad was 30, which means he was only 27 when he had his first child. People in my parents' generation were fearless. There was not much contemplation of money, job, and status. Simply put, they just went ahead and did it, and figured things out along the way. Fast forward to today, so many of us feel the hesitation to commit to something, for that we feel that we need to be prepared for it, whether financially, mentally, or having to face the fear that we'd lose freedom - the nature of attachment.  The design of this pregnancy process is brilliant, it gives us time to let the reality sink in, this time lets us gather courage and wisdom, the time forces us to face ourselves with honesty and get clarity on what we want to leave with our next generation. Both me and my dad are in transition into the next stage of life and I'm grateful for the great example he has set for me to follow.

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  1. Love this entry, bro!! Proud of you!!

  2. This is such a sweet entry, Brian! Wow, 12 years?! I can't even imagine. Congratulations to you and your dad on such an exciting year. You look just like him, too!