Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Time flies...

Since the last post, apparently I got so caught up in life and never got around to update the blog in the year of 2010. Soon after that I got an offer from my company to move to China, when Christy also found out (Jan 2011) she was pregnant with our #3. 9 Months later, on Sep 2, 2011, I became the happiest father with Emma born in Shanghai Huashan Hospital. So much happened in between, plus the great firewall of China, which made me forget the existence of my daddy blog. Fast forward to today. We just recently celebrated the 4th birthday of Derek and Andric. and they are in an accelerated pace of growth, both physically and spiritually. At this point, I felt compelled to stop everything I'm doing, and start to pick up my blog, through a VPN, and get back to record these extraordinary change in my life. 

In the first half of year 2014, the twins are learning to communicate through their logic, which they also obtained through mimicking the behavior of their parents. Christy and I have noticed that whenever we unintentionally lashed out our frustrations through yelling or other unpleasant means, they always end up on the twins' behaviors. So Christy and I decided to model our behaviors, which in most cases it's communication with extreme patience. 

This past Sunday 6/15 was Father's Day, and Christy decided to take me out on a much-anticipated date night. When we returned home around 10pm, the twins were still talking in bed. We went into their rooms, and I kissed Derek's forehead. Derek immediately reacted negatively by saying: "Don't kiss me, you haven't showered! If you kiss me I'm gonna have to shower again!". Then the frustration mounted and he started to throw a tantrum. I apologized, and quickly jumped into shower, hoping I could return in a few minutes and kiss him good night again. In the meantime, Christy probed to find (through the talkative Andric) that Derek saw a cockroach in our bathroom during his shower that night. The anal side of Derek felt this unusually escalated level of anxiety, which probably felt new to him, and he did not know how to deal with it. Once Christy found out about this cockroach incident, she asked Derek about it. Derek replied: "Yes, I saw a big cockroach! and you guys are not allowed to touch me!" We then realized that the fact we came home without washing our hands nor taking a shower was associated with that cockroach, which, in his mind, both triggered his anxiety of "dirtiness". 

I love how Derek and Andric are developing into two completely different personalities. 

Today is 6/17. Emma has spent the past month in Taiwan with Christy's mom. I can't wait for her to return!