Friday, April 2, 2010

Thanks everyone!

Thank you Continuum for sending a very elegant orchid plant to us. it brightened the patient room as well as warmed our hearts! It has been very stressful for me as an expectant father over the past two days. On one hand, I felt powerless because the hospital has now taken over, and it's only made worse by watching Christy get the steroids shots and yet i can't do anything to stop it. There are many sources (including NIH) that suggest both short and long term risks on these steroids for unborn babies, but at this point we had to do it because the short term benefits (they get to survive premature labor) outweight the risks. I've been very torn on this subject, but we're blessed to have so many friends and family sending us encouraging words and sharing experience and even expert medical opinions. I truly appreciate it guys! Now onto the next milestone

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