Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brith Plan

So I read from various books on the importance of creating a birth plan.(pain medication, blood transfusion, my participation during the procedure, cord blood, and wound closure etc..) This morning we came prepared to discuss it with Dr. Weiss. The twins are now 3lb6oz and 3lb13oz, both very healthy and punching and kicking REALLY hard. However the cervix length reducing down to 14mm from 22mm last week. Dr. Weiss almost sent us to the hospital, but Dr. Silverman saved us from going there considering hospital is really not a pleasant place to be, and we're still looking bordering okay to stay home. Dr. Weiss said that the birth plan is simple: As soon as we have frequent (10-min) contractions, we call him, and he'll meet us at Cedars-Sinai and get ready to meet the twins. As far as other details, he's completely aligned, and even exceeded our expectation to say that he only does cosmetic surgery closures on the wounds. (we forgot his practice is on the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.) We now feel a lot more relieved!

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