Friday, April 30, 2010

Through Christy's own words

This was an email Christy wrote to a friend of ours, and I was CC'ed on it. But I thought she totally nailed it in terms of her physical and emotional stress at this point:

"I am doing well, still bed resting at home and waiting for the babies to come. To tell you the truth sometimes I find it unreal that I am carrying two in there. I feel kinda strange having two babies moving and kicking in my belly. And they already have different schedules and personalities!

I watch lots of TV and browse the web during the day. But not much can keep me sane during bedtime when I can’t fall asleep. The discomfort of carrying more than 11 pounds of mass & fluid has gotten the best of me. I’ve passed the “calm and peaceful” stage. On top of the heavy weight, I was freaking out about my huge belly with the stretch marks. I lost it last night because I couldn’t imagine how much bigger the belly will grow and how much more stretch mark will developed. I felt like a freak show when looking at myself in the mirror and wanted the babies out ASAP.

It’s such a struggle..."

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  1. even tho im pregnant as well.. i can't imagine what christy is going through because she is carrying two instead of one. I'm starting to get really scared about my expanding stomach as well..just keep reminding her how beautiful she is..!!..