Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WK 29

After the episode we had last week, Christy and I learned a few things: Apparently if you have full bladders it can trigger contractions, so the best thing to do at this stage of pregnancy is to constantly drink water (because babies need lots of fluid) and constant use the bathroom, even if it means that you have to get up 5~6 times a night to do it. This is the 3rd week Christy is on bedrest, and bedrest is not easy, besides the physical discomfort on pretty much the whole body, it's emotionally challenging as well. On the upside, the twins are safe and sound thus far, and I still have some time to finish up my share of readings, classes and lots of other stuff we still need to buy before they come into this wonderful world.
On the side note, I discovered my good friend M was recently admitted to the hospital for MRI and treatments, while in the hospital room M was reading my blog on the steroids, as she was getting the shots as well. M is back to healthy state now and I just wanted to give her a shout out and wish her all the best!

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