Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Savior Is Here

Last Sunday my mother-in-law came in from Taiwan to do me a huge favor - keep me sane.  On the day she arrived, I just felt soooo relieved. For weeks I had been exposed to what it's like to be a stay-home care taker, while there are still expectations I needed to fulfill at work. The tough tug of war gave me a glimpse of what's inevidibly coming for me in merely weeks, it was just all too suden for me to be ready for. Mom came on Sunday night, I went into work (first time in 2 weeks) on Monday, and traveled to Boston for 3 days following that. Not only mom took great care of Christy, she made cooking seem sooooo effortless!! it was as if she pulled these dishes out of her pocket because the kitchen seems so clean afterwards. I can't believe how blessed we are!! The two soon-to-be-grandmas took Christy to Dr. Weiss while I was in Boston, and thanks for the strict bedrest, the babies are doing great, now 3 lb each!

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