Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WEEK 32!!!!!!

That is right, ladies and gents, we're past the critical point of 32 weeks!!! Christy had promised the twins if they behaved and stayed in until this point, she would celebrate and feed them cakes!! So, as first step of being a "promise-keeping" parent, I went to Beard Papa in Sawtelle and got all of us some delicious treats to celebrate this milestone. According to doctor Silverman, we're safe at this point, babies have been administered steroids, and they are close to 4lbs each. We're now shooting for two more weeks, and that will be really phenomenal.

Even though we're very happy about that, it's painful to carry twins at this stage of pregnancy. Christy is now having constant back pain, carrying 10lb worth of weight in her belly all the time. It's hard to breathe right, she can barely get any sleep during the night, and can't eat much at one time because the stomach is being compressed from below. The belly is enormous compared to her tiny body, and she's having to support her heavy belly all the time with her hand, which is giving her minor wrist injury. Thank goodness for the invention of bedresting, I can't imagine how my grandma did it with her twin pregnancy ( yes, my mother is part of an identical twin sisterhood ) during 1949's China civil war when she carried her twins to fleet from inland China all the way to Taiwan, and a lot of the journey was on foot, with insufficient water and food along the way.  Go Grandma! I'll save the story for another day. Meanwhile let's march onto another week!

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  1. Good job, Christy and Brian. You'll make awesome parents!

  2. Hey congrats on this huge milestone!! We re also expecting but we are only at 18 weeks.. I remember meeting your wife while at artcenter and i remember she was petite!! Can't imagine carrying twins..she's amzing!! I'm having a hard enough time with 1 in my belly :) wish you guys the best !!