Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Postpartum hours

Immediately following the operation, we were sent to the postpartum unit where we would spend the next four days in.  It's a basic patient room, with a fold-up bed where the husband (or a care-taker) can crash out on.
First thing first, calling both of our dads in Taiwan to announce their promotion to "grandfather"!

In the first 24 hours, there was still lots of pain medication in Christy's system, but she was already put to work! This breathing exercise tool was intended to help her work back up her lung capacity after anesthesia with semi-collapsed lungs. The three plastic balls' weights increase from left to right, and the goal is to lift all three in one inhale, for me was easy. but it was apparently very difficult for Christy to do in the first 24 hours.

Pumping out breast milk has been the most physically intense part of the first two days. The picture below is the result of intense pumping for 15min every 3 hours in the first two days.  That's right, these two "drops" AKA colostrum took soooooo long to get!!
We were sooooo happy that we finally got them out and went to the nursery to feed that to them, that's right, we are fair parents, 3 c.c. each.  supplemented with Enfamil Premium formula that the hospital provided. They don't eat much at all in the first couple of days. 20 c.c. would be considered a lot - since that's roughly the size of their little stomachs.

Between pumping and feeding, Christy wasn't able to get nearly enough rest as she should after the C-section. Yet the nurses encouraged her to get up to walk around as much as she could handle.  This was 3 am in the hospital when we walked back from the nursery.
In the first 48 hours, I learned how to swaddle the newborns, change diapers, feeding, burping, and pumping (not me, of course!). In the first two days we insisted keeping the boys in our room for the most part, but quickly realized that we needed to be smart and utilize the nursery while we could. The hospital staff were really nice and understanding about it, they would care for the newborns anytime when we need some rest.

(Revisit) The first bath took place only 3 hours after their birth

Derek curiously opened his eyes before the bath!

Andric getting wet in the tub!

Derek getting the mafia look!

Andric feeling secure holding his daddy's giant index finger

First poop!!

Sucking test - PASS!!

Getting tagged. Also, getting tested for blood sugar level (bandage on the right)

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