Monday, June 7, 2010

Final count-down

Most expectant parents *probably* envy our situation. A calm, planned delivery, rather than waiting for the water to break, and sending everyone into a state of mayhem. At 6pm today. we will go into the operating room to retrieve the twins, which means the weekend that went by so fast was my last weekend to F around, be immature, and irresponsible. But no, I didn't even get to sleep in!!

I just fed Christy her meal for the day and she won't be eating or drinking for the next 8 hours until the operation. (Oh how cranky she will be!!)  I told her this morning that however prepared I seem to be, I will never be as mentally prepared as she is, because the twins have been alive and kicking all these months inside her. The moment of truth will be when I hold them in my arms.  Guess what my lovely wife said to me? "I'm the same, I think for the most part the kicks just feel like a bad stomach". How sweet of her to comfort my nerves in the final peaceful hours..

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