Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My life is forever changed.

No, not because Steve Jobs introduced Apple's revolutionary iPhone 4.  In fact, I will probably never again find a reason to indulge myself in things that will eat away the college fund, which I will need to start thinking about for our newly arrived twins.

Introducing the newest addition to our family - Andric Hao-Ran Wen (left) and Derek Huai-Ning Wen (right) born on Monday June 7th, at 6:20pm with only seconds apart from each other. 

Derek (溫懷寧) is marked below as "Baby A". He's been guarding the door all these months because of a breech position inside the womb. He was first pulled out at 6:19pm and weighs 5lb. 13oz.  Inside the womb, he's always been the feisty one that began to kick early and hard.  And I think it's remarkable that he has Christy's frown!!

Andric (溫浩然) is marked below as "Baby B".  Notice he looks chubbier, and that's because he came out at 6lb. 4 oz.  He's been the quiet one throughout the pregnancy, only in the last few weeks he began to kick really hard but that's probably because of his size.  The personality of each baby surprisingly reflected on their expression in the very first hours after their birth!

The true hero here was really my wife, who suffered so much through this whole pregnancy, and got to extend it to full term! She was so brave during the whole C-section process, and before she could barely catch a breath, she immediately picked up the duty of motherhood. 

This embarrassing picture below was shot at the operating room. One that I always joked about - holding my new born twins with braces, so later on I can convince my two sons to get braces when they're at a younger age.
The most amazing experience was minutes before this shot was taken - The retrieval of the twins.  I have to admit, even though I began to mentally prepare myself for this moment since March, I had no idea what fatherhood meant until the moment when they pulled out the baby and when the baby began to cry. All of the sudden, I was mesmerized and started to think OH SHIT I'M A FATHER.  For the next 20 minutes my hands were shanking, words didn't come out right, and when nurses asked me "Did you have a name for your son?" I replied "My who?"

This is how Andric was keeping it real for me. A "Welcome to the Daddyhood" present. 


  1. holy moly!! congrats you two..both boys look healthy and beautiful!!..my hubby and i started cracking up at the "OH SHIT I'M A FATHER." hahahah..i can't believe Christy carried the twins to full term! its sort of a miracle!

  2. Beautiful family! Congratulations!! Much love to you

  3. hahahah!!! My what? I love how honest you are to yourself, the sign of humility, first step to parenting!! I'm so very proud of both of you! God never makes a mistake in selecting the exact parents He wants the boys to be nurtured. I'm amazed at God's wisdom and how the lives of you two have been taken to a different season now. Love you! Love the boys!! "btw, it should be Hao-'R'en, right?" beautiful names, great choices!

  4. haha, i'm still laughing... that's so funny. "my who?", you said it. Brian, you are a proud papa. Congrats Christy and Brian, beautiful family!

  5. Congrats!!! Amazing, 1 angel looks like Christy and the other like Brian!!!!! U guys take care of yourselves!!! (enjoy that black poop, cuz it will turn real and stinky later XOXO Vika

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