Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let the fun begin!

Going into second week at home, I've already picked up a set routine where I get the night shift (12am to 6am), and rest before and after. My mom-in-law would get the shift when I'm resting, and rest when I'm running the show. During the day, both of us take turns to care for the twins and rest in between.  The boys still feed every 3 hours, and it gets challenging when feeding them both at the same time. We tried to offset them by an hour, but that gets even more tiring for us. (a never-ending cycle of tasks). Sometimes I'd have to put one on the diaper changing station and let him feed himself (as indicated below) while I feed another one at the same time.
Thanks to my mom-in-law's tremendous help, now I actually can take a breather and start to really appreciate every bit of my two new borns.
Derek's tiny foot compared with Christy's elbow

Derek and me - a size comparison

Derek's tiny toes.

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