Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Twins Mobile

Currently we're still driving Christy's very first car her parents gave her as a college present, a 1995 Lexus ES300. Aside from the fact that it's rapidly deteriorating with lots costly repairs, the car just won't fit all the baby stuff. So, yesterday I brought the twin stroller and both car seats and bases to both Toyota and Mazda dealership to compare some cars. Hoping to take advantage of Toyota's historic amazing promotion - 0% interest for 60 months, I was hoping to walk away with a RAV4. True, RAV4 does it all, it has a big cargo space and I was able to sit between the two infant car seats very comfortably (test drive the back seat for our nanny). However it handled surprisingly poorly. I got a pretty good offer at $300 below invoice, but I decided to walk away.

Jun, also a new dad for twin boys, bought a Mazda 5 towards the end of 2009, for only $18,000! so I decided to test drive it. long story short, it was amazing. the handling is sharp, turning radius is surprisingly small. The only drawback is that our stroller goes in side ways and occupies one of the 3rd row seat folded down, and the middle of 2nd and 3rd row, which is less ideal if our nanny needs to tend to the twins in the 2nd row. Also, with the car seats in the 2nd row seats, my long legs end up colliding with the front panels. So, surprising small interior for the bulky look. but still a very promising candidate.

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  1. Man, just remember that when you will REALY need the van is when kids are in kindergarten and up - to driver them and their friends to all the activities and by then this "NEW" car is gonna be 5/6 year old......... Dont sweat it. good luck!