Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marching into wk 28

AT the beginning of wk 27 Christy was ordered to bedrest, and I had to shorten my trip to Boston from a week-long trip to 2 day 2 night trip. Thanks to accommodating colleagues in Boston I was able to not leave LA for too long. Before I left for Boston I cooked up a storm and stuffed the refrigerator with variety of delicious homemade Chinese food - 牛尾湯, 雪菜肉絲麵, 茶葉蛋, 餛飩, and lots of fruits and bagel and milk etc. When I returned from Boston most of them were fully consumed (wow!)

We saw Dr. Weiss on Friday for the weekly check-up, and it turned out the situation has worsened. Christy's cervix length is now at 23mm from 28mm last week. Dr. Weiss said either we really enforce the strict bedrest or we deal with premature labor and the babies in ICU. I jokingly proposed to Dr. Weiss to sew up her cervix, but if we do it now it will trigger contraction which is even worse...

So, this is it, Christy is officially entering the strict bedrest until labor (keeping our fingers crossed that we can get to wk32) As I was packing up for Christy in the office, she said to pack my stuff as well. Then I realized "oh shit!" This means I have to stay home with her too!

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  1. Oh man! Reading your blog through in order is so nervewrecking! But really interesting too - I read your latest post first though so I know I don't have to worry too much now!