Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Before you know it

On Monday we saw Dr. Weiss, and today we saw Dr. Silverman. Both doctors agreed that Christy's situation is rapidly worsening, and need to be admitted into the hospital for closer monitoring of contractions. I had no idea that this would be happening so fast! we're only 28 weeks!! The doctors prescribed steroids for the babies so their lungs can develop now before a potential premature labor, even though these steroids actually increase the risk of premature labor. Christy is now on the hospital bed completely plugged into the monitoring machines, and this 48-hr observation period will cost us a whopping $1,000!!!! (correction- Continuum actually supplements 1/2 of this copay! Thank you Continuum!!)


  1. THose pictures, wow!!!! what hospital r u at?? Now this might sound funky, but enjoy just the 2 of your space now, i will be different after the soccer team arrives!

  2. The NST tests bring back memories... I also
    had steroid shots @ around this time. Be strong for Christy, this will all be over so soon. Enjoy the time you have together.

  3. Be strong, Brian! I'm thinking good thoughts for you, Christy, and those precious little babies!!