Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh shit moment of the week (wk26)

Last Thursday we got some bad news from our OB Dr. Weiss that Chrisy's cervix length is retreating too fast. (right now it's 27mm, only 3mm away from danger zone) Dr. Weiss gave Christy two options: A - bed rest immediately, hopefully she can keep them in for at least 4 more weeks. B - If she doesn't, he'll put her in the hospital. Within 5 minutes, Christy and I went from "pregnant is beautiful" to "WTF!?" This all came so suddenly. On the way back to work from the doc's office we didn't speak a word with each other for 20 minutes, trying to absorb what this means.

This actually gave me a slight panic attack. "Holy Shit! Are we ready?" According to Dr. Weiss if she doesn't take it easy the twins can arrive too early and cause lots of problems. "What if the twins arrive in the next two weeks?" "Will our insurance cover the infant ICU cost?" Luckily we've got the baby room pretty much set up. but from here on now I'm gonna go buy/return all the baby stuff on my own! Also, since Christy's on bed rest, we both need to figure out what this means for our work...

D-day is getting close, and I still haven't finished all my readings!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!


  1. Oh my Brian, I didn't know about this :( Christy must be scared! Since she is bed rested, when I'm down there I can help go shopping with you and get the rest of the stuff together. In the meantime if there is anything you need help with just let me know and I will try my best :) sending positive thoghts and best wishes to you guys! Annie

  2. Hi Brian,抱歉今天才看到這篇,又一週過去了,現在還好嗎? 希望你們一切平安,雙胞胎能健康足月的出世,身為爹媽的你們也要保重身體。人在台灣似乎也無法有什麼實質的幫忙 @@,祈禱你們與小朋友們都平安健康順利,期待未來的全家福唷! :)

  3. relax and breath, panic will not help.
    lets see, car seat to visit doctors. strollers to go on the fresh air. medela pump or formula with bottles and drying rack/ olive oil for dry spots or craddle cap/ brushes will probably come from hospital (by the way get there whatever they give you and think later) pascifieers are good for babies too. you dont need soap to wash them, just water and diapers. (lots of tissue and cotton balls for cleaning) . bath. classical music and a lot of calm and energy at the same time. ---little buggers tend to pick up and cry if you are stressed or tense---- all other things u realy can get on as needed basis and remember: dont buy for the future cuz they will have it better then.:)