Sunday, March 28, 2010

Identity Crisis

After a day of coming out of denial, I woke up to smell the reality - kitchen

I got up to serve Christy breakfast, ate something quickly, and then moved onto doing the dishes accrued from days when I was away from business trip, then back to serve Christy, and onto thinking about what to feed her for lunch, and finally made some stuff for lunch, and onto cleaning up. Throughout the day I was repeating the steps of cooking, feeding, eating, and cleaning.. It's only the beginning of Christy's bedrest, but it's quickly wearing me out. I can now appreciate the importance of house maker role, but struggle to find a balance between my role at home vs. at work as expectations from both sides need to be met with complete satisfaction.

Pregnancy at 3rd trimester is no longer fun, it's all hard work from here on now, and I need to quickly find a formula that works.

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