Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wk 36 Let's Go For a Run..

The twins are getting ridiculously heavy at this point, the expectant parents (us) are getting ridiculously impatient as well, and yes, we're aware that the quiet days are about to be over so we should really treasure what's left of the pregnancy. But they've grown so much in the last two weeks (Baby A is now 5lb and 3oz, Baby B is now 5lb 13oz), Christy is often losing her center of gravity when she stands. 

check out the enormous belly below

In the past two weeks we have been doing routine fetal monitoring to make sure both placenta are functioning properly. It's amazing how fast their hearts beat at this point. 

Since we're not worried about premature labor anymore, Christy now requests occasional dinning-out. Last weekend we went to Torrance for Okonomiyaki, it was the first time she really went out in a little over a month. Then two days ago we went to Tofuya in Sawtelle on our way back from the doctor's office. I was noticing that the waiters/restaurant customers/bystanders all stared at Christy's belly in disbelief. Yeah, I know.


  1. Go, little babies, go! Hang in there, you two!

  2. guys come so;s great that the babies are not premature anymore..but i could tell how difficult it must be for the mommy trying to get around with the twins in the belly..hang in there guys..almost there!!