Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Delicious goodies~

Both Christy's mom and myself have been pretty efficient at pulling together quick bites to satisfy Chrity's high-freqency, low-intake meal consumption patterns. By now she will need to eat roughly 6 times during the day. And up to twice a night. During the night I just simply heat up milk, or feed her Ensure. But during the day it gets exciting:

Above is the Papaya-Milk that my mom used to make us when we were little. it's a popular summer drink in Taiwan, the taste/effort ROI exceeds 500% so I highly recommend it.

Above is also a popular Taiwanese dish called - Da Lu Mien, except we didn't put noodles (mien) in here..


Above is a delicious daikon radish pastry that my mom made for Christy. it's a bit more inolved, but my mom always makes baking seem so easy!

Wontons and dumplings have been a frequent favorite in my household, just because it's simple to make and you can store them for the rainy days. Sometimes when late night snacks don't entice Christy, we make wontons, the hot and fresh dish that is quite substantial and can last her all night!

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